Facebook Social Plugins

    Social Plugins are the easiest way to get started with the Facebook Platform. Social plugins let you see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared on sites across the web. The social plugins are embeddable social features that can be integrated very smoothly in your site with as less as a single line of HTML. The major advantage of these social plugins, is that they are personalized for all users. Wondering how this happens? This is because, these social plugins are hosted by Facebook, making the user experience very personal, even if the user is visiting your website for the first time.

    Starting tomorrow, we will be looking at several social plugins and most importantly the codes that make these plugins work. Some of the social plugins that we will look at will include - the Like button, Send button, Subscribe button, Comments, Activity feed and many more.

    The like button below is the most basic social plugin and we will start with the code for this one tomorrow. Go ahead and give it a try! It works! Like if you are excited to learn more!

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