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Jquery Mobile

jQuery Mobile List of articles

Following is a list of articles part of the jQuery Mobile series.

Introduction 😀 😀

  1. Introduction to Jquery Mobile
  2. Features of Jquery Mobile

jQuery Mobile Page Structure 😀 😀

  1. Jquery Mobile - Single page structure
  2. Jquery Mobile - Multi-page structure
  3. The mobile meta tag
  4. Jquery Mobile - Multiple Titles problem

Jquery Mobile Listview 😀 😀

  1. Basic Listview
  2. Listview with data-inset property
  3. Customizing the listview
  4. Jquery Mobile - Nested Listview
  5. Jquery Mobile - Numbered Listview
  6. Jquery Mobile - Readonly Listview
  7. Jquery Mobile - Split button listview
  8. Jquery Mobile - List dividers
  9. Jquery Mobile - Filtering the listview
  10. Jquery Mobile - Listview with count bubbles
  11. Jquery Mobile - Text formatted listview
  12. Jquery Mobile - Listview with icon images
  13. Jquery Mobile - Listview with thumbnail images
  14. Jquery Mobile - Theming listview icons
  15. Jquery Mobile listview with custom icons
  16. Jqeury Mobile accordions - Collapsible listview
  17. Side-scrolling web pages issue with Jquery Mobile - Issue #5748
  18. Jquery Mobile listview enhancements and customization

jQuery Mobile Form Elements 😀 😀

  1. Jquery Mobile - Introduction to Form Elements
  2. Default keyboards for HTML5 input types
  3. Jquery Mobile Form - Text Input
  4. Jquery Mobile Form - Search Input
  5. Jquery Mobile Form - Customizing the search box
  6. Jquery Mobile Form - Slider Control
  7. Jquery Mobile Form - Flip toggle switch control
  8. Jquery Mobile Form - Radio buttons
  9. Jquery Mobile Form - Checkboxes
  10. Jquery Mobile Form - Select menus Part I
  11. Jquery Mobile Form - Select menus Part II

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Difference between word-break: break-all versus word-wrap: break-word

The 2 CSS properties word-break: break-all and word-wrap: break-word appear to work in the same way or generate the same output, but there is a slight difference between the 2 and we will be discussing these differences today.

    Take a look at the example above. The difference is quite evident, however I will try to explain it further.

word-break: break-all Irrespective of whether it’s a continuous word or many words, break-all breaks them up at the edge of the width limit even within the characters of the same word
word-wrap: break-word This will wrap long words onto the next line.break-word adjusts different words so that they do not break in the middle.
    So if you have many fixed-size spans which get content dynamically, you might just prefer using word-wrap: break-word, as that way only the continuous words are broken in between, and in case it’s a sentence comprising many words, the spaces are adjusted to get intact words (no break within a word).     In case you want to exp…

Playing with the markers and info window bubbles...

In the last few posts, we have seen some marker examples and some information window examples. Now, lets do something interesting combining these two things. Just writing that "This is an info window" in the information bubble is not very interesting! And I know this...Have gone through the same phase!

    So, today we will do something interesting! We will display the latitude- longitude co-ordinates of the point that the user clicks on the map! Doing this is not at all complex! Copy paste the following code and you will see for yourself a map coming to life!

    The output of the above code looks as seen in the result section above! If you have any queries regarding the above code please comment on the blog post or feel free to contact me at my mail ID.

Form info window

Today we will look at a Google Maps API v3 example to add a form in the information bubble! This is usually required when we wish to accept some data/information from the user! This data can be saved to a server in the form of an XML file or a database! The information can then be retrieved back at a later stage, when necessary!

         In this example we will only look at form in the information bubble! The connectivity part with the server will be discussed in another post! So, today's code snippet is as seen below!

Google Maps API v3 - Adding marker and info window on Click and creating a form in the infowindow with the lat-lng information in it.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var map;    //When using event as a parameter to a function declare map, strictly as a global var…

Retriving co-ordinates...

We have seen 2 Google Maps API v3 examples wherein we have retrieved the latitude-longitude co-ordinates of the point of click on the map. In the first example we have displayed the co-ordinates in the information window and in the second, we have displayed the co-ordinates in a form in the information window.

        Today we will create a code to retrieve the latitude longitude co-ordinates in a text box while simultaneously a marker appears on the map as well. So, here goes the code.

Google Maps API v3 - Adding marker on Click and retrieving the co-ordinates in a text box
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var map;    //When using event as a parameter to a function declare map, strictly as a global variable
function initialize()
    var myLatlng = new google.maps.LatLng(28.635157…

Google Street View Image API

Street View is one of most used feature of the Google Maps and why not? You can actually see any part of the world as if you are visiting the place at that very moment. And now with the Google Street View Image API, you don't even need to carry a camera with you to the places you visit. You can take-in all the scenic beauty without even bothering about clicking a single picture. You can come back from your vacation and get a few images using the Google Street View Image API and show those images to your friends and relatives. Create an album of high definition images and go ahead and share it on Facebook for your friends to have a look.
    Using the Google Street View Image API is very simple and anybody can make use of it without any programming knowledge required. I will walk you through the entire process of effectively using the Google Street View Image API. So if you are set, let's go on an amazing ride across the globe with the Google Street Views.
    The Google Stre…