JS For Loop Code Performance

Perfomance is always the keyword! Every single website strives for being fast - lightning fast! Faster the site, better is the user interaction and better is the conversion. I face this challenge everyday to make sites faster and in the process I ended up testing the 'for' loop with different conditions and I am sharing it here. All observations are a result of running multiple tests for the same set of data.

Regular For Loop

    This is a regular, non-ES6, forward moving for loop which takes anywhere between 0.04 to 0.05 ms.

Lodash _.ForEach

This is the lodash version of the for loop (_.ForEach) takes anywhere between 0.18 to 0.21 ms.

    Now comes the ES6 for loops. I did a forward iterating and a reverse for loop too and I noticed dramatic improvements in performance.

Forward iterating ES6 for loop

This is a regular for loop using ES6 syntax which included 'let' instead of 'var' for variable declaration. The performance improvements here were just amazing. It too…

jQuery Mobile's Next Big Step

A huge shout out to the jQuery Mobile team for releasing jQuery Mobile 1.5.0-alpha.1. This has been long overdue. This release is huge - Tons of issues fixed, integration with jQueryUI and a bunch of new and re-written widgets. In their own words - "We have closed and fixed hundreds of bugs getting to our lowest bug count since the initial release of jQuery Mobile!" That's how big the release is! Take a look at the Dev Demos they have hosted!
    The new and improved jQuery Mobile looks so much more better than it's predecessors. Give it a try and look around. It's time to upgrade soon. Some of the major changes that have happened are listed below.
Modularized code     Entire code is now modularized so that you can now include only the code that you need in your jQuery Mobile application. This should make your application lighter.
NPM Support     NPM support is finally here. The jQuery Mobile npm-package is now completely owned and maintained by the jQuery Mob…

Happy New Year 2017

As the last working day of 2016 came to an end last Friday, the office floors wore a deserted look and  every heart filled with the spirit of the new year was making plans to welcome the new year! This is the time, when everyone sits back, takes a break from all their routine work and looks forward to a new opportunity, a new day and new year of learning.

    Today on the first day of this new year 2017, I wish everyone a very happy and a prosperous new year! Love more, learn more! Be safe, be happy!

Looks do matter

jQuery Mobile is great, offers great features! With the new and upcoming version of this mobile web framework, we will have access to more out-of-the-box widgets and some brilliant features coming our way! With hammer.js and PEP integrations round the corner, we will have more gesture support in the upcoming versions. With so much great features, developers are still hesitant on choosing this mobile framework for the sole reason that the UI doesn't look great! Well, this is true and the default UI does look a little out of date and does not match up to the latest UI trends! As a result of this, we will take a look at some of the most popular themes that you can use on your jQuery Mobile project.
Material design theme - NativeDroid Link: UI theme Link: theme Link: Mobile RTL theme Link:…

Stay Selfish, Stay Accessible

A lot of you would have heard of Web Accessibility, Section 508, a11y, Aria and more of this jargon at your workplace and especially if you are on the UI/UX team in your organization. It might have sounded confusing, a burden and just unnecessary to implement. There would also be a huge number of organizations and developers who are completely unaware of this concept of web accessibility, and so in this article today, we will take a look at what web accessibility is, why it needs to be implemented and what it means for you.
Web Accessibility refers to the process of making the web accessible to people with different disabilities, thereby removing the barriers that prevent their interaction with or access to websites.
    Just bring up the topic of implementing web accessibility on your project and some of the immediate challenges/ questions that you will get apart from the "There are more pressing issues at hand! Focus on that!" looks are listed below!

Will it impact busi…

Better Late, Than Never

A huge announcement from the members of the jQuery Mobile development team came in late last week! Amongst huge speculations that the extremely popular jQuery Mobile project was not being worked upon and that there would be no more versions or updates, the jQuery Mobile team lead has announced that the project is pretty much alive and being worked on!

    What a huge sigh of relief for jQuery Mobile lovers like myself! They are working on the next version of jQuery Mobile - 1.5 and though they have not committed on a final date of release, it is pretty certain that the newest version of the popular mobile web framework will soon see the light of day. There are some pretty huge things happening on the jQuery Mobile project and you can read the original blog post on the jQuery Mobile website. If you want the highlights, continue to read on!

jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile will now share components. jQuery Mobile now shares the new and improved jQuery UI core. This clearly means that, al…

Finally the question is answered!

In today's post I will finally answer a burning question that I have been asked several times by several people over the last month. Most of you all are aware that my first technical book - Mastering jQuery Mobile got published last month. I received several questions from people asking me how I did it? How did I get a chance and so many more, but the question that almost everyone asked me was "Why do you have a picture of a tiger on your cover"?

    Initially, I just answered saying it was chosen by my publishers Packt, but then people started getting more serious about the issue. People started raising other questions like did you have any other options, was there any sort market survey involved, any behavioral analysis and so on and so forth. This really wasn't what I had expected!

    So, finally I decided to find an answer to this burning question and now here it is! Yes, we had 3 options other than the Tiger cub which you can see below. The image of the Ti…