Pan to states using geocoding...

    In continuation with yesterday’s code which showcased the Geocoding with region biasing, today we will see a little complex but interesting geocoding example. Today we will pan to a state using the geocoding capability! Sounds interesting, right! So, let’s get on to the code straight away!

    Now even if the length of the code is big, but the logic is not rocket science! It’s quite easy and pretty simple. There is a drop down list box which lists all the names of the states and union territories in India. These state names will act as addresses or the inputs to the geocoder. When you select a certain state name in the drop down list, that state name will be passed as a parameter to the geocoding function, which after geocoding the address will pan and zoom on to the state that is selected!

    The output of the above code will be as seen in the results section above. If you have any queries or doubts regarding the above code feel free to leave a comment here.

    Now that I am nearing my 100th post, I planned on getting some guests to write an article on my blog. I will posting one guest post tomorrow by Huma Irfan, Founder & CEO Geoenergy Ltd. who has been kind enough to accept my request for a guest post and to write an article about "GIS Technology - Future Perspective".

             Do read tomorrow’s post!

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