GeoRSS Layer...

    It's been long since I last posted an example here...But I am finally posting one again and it is about creating a GeoRSS layer on the google base map, using the Google Maps API.

    The first question will be, "What is GeoRSS?" GeoRSS is nothing but geographically tagged or geographically referenced RSS feeds. RSS feeds having latitude- longitude information of the place of feed. Whether it's pictures from your vacation, favorite places on the globe, or the hiking trails you like to visit, all you have to do is geo-tag them and then load it up. This idea that you can view data from external sources inside Google Maps is really exciting.

    Moving on to the example...There's no great deal about it. Copy and paste the following code in a html file and open it in your default browser. Here follows the code...

    The output of the above code looks as seen in th result section above. The best thing about the GeoRSS layer is that, you will not see the same output (markers) every time...This is because, only the latest feeds are shown on the map. So as the feeds change so do the markers on the map and effectively your output changes.

    If you have any questions regarding this code or any suggestions regarding the blog then feel free to drop your comment here...Please note that the link that has been used in the example code above is not owned by me and was available freely on the net. So any changes happening in the data will not be my responsibility. Till then happy mapping...

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