Fusion Table Layer...

    Today we will have a look at the "Fusion Table" Layer example. But before we start with the actual code, we will have a look at what Fusion Table is. Google Fusion Table is a free service for sharing and visualizing data online. It allows you to share data, merge data from multiple tables into interesting derived tables, and see the most up-to-date data from all sources. There is a lot of documentation about Google Fusion Table available on the web. You can visit their home page or the Google Research Blog to gather more information about Fusion Tables.

    Let us have a look at the following code. The code is very short and simple to understand!

    The few things to look out for in the above code are:
  • The manner in which mapTypeId has been specified! In other Google Maps API v3 examples, we have seen that we specify mapTypeID as ROADMAP, SATELLITE, etc. i.e., all the letters are in uppercase and not in quotes! However, in this example we are required to specify mapTypeID as 'roadmap' or 'satellite', etc.
  • Look up the line layer = new google.maps.FusionTablesLayer(376526). The number in the brackets is the "dsrcid" of the fusion table. Every Fusion Table has this dsrcid and can be seen in the address bar when the Fusion Table is opened.
    You can copy the above code in a html file and open it in your default browser. You will see the Fusion Table Layer on Google Map in action! The output will be as seen in the result section above.

     I have used a ready-made publicly shared Fusion Table. You can also create your own Fusion Table and share it with the world! If you have any queries regarding this example or Fusion Tables leave a comment! Till then happy mapping!

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