Difference between word-break: break-all versus word-wrap: break-word

    The 2 CSS properties word-break: break-all and word-wrap: break-word appear to work in the same way or generate the same output, but there is a slight difference between the 2 and we will be discussing these differences today.

    Take a look at the example above. The difference is quite evident, however I will try to explain it further.

word-break: break-all
  • Irrespective of whether it’s a continuous word or many words, break-all breaks them up at the edge of the width limit even within the characters of the same word

word-wrap: break-word
  • This will wrap long words onto the next line.
  • break-word adjusts different words so that they do not break in the middle.

    So if you have many fixed-size spans which get content dynamically, you might just prefer using word-wrap: break-word, as that way only the continuous words are broken in between, and in case it’s a sentence comprising many words, the spaces are adjusted to get intact words (no break within a word).
    In case you want to explore more text and font related properties, you can head on to this post here. Hope you have liked this article. Do drop a line to let me know if this has helped or if there is any mistake or you would like to suggest anything. Till next time, happy coding.

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