Jquery Mobile - Filtering the Listview

    So you have a very long list of items and you want to provide the users with a searching facility. There is nothing to worry here. Jquery Mobile provides a very simple solution to a very difficult and time-comsuming looking problem. jQuery Mobile provides a very easy way to filter a list with a simple client-side search feature. To make a list filterable, simply add the data-filter="true" attribute to the list. The framework will then append a search box above the list and add the behavior to filter out list items that don't contain the current search string as the user types. The input's placeholder text defaults to "Filter items...".

    Now again, this is not going to satisfy the client. The client will not like the default search and will ask for customization. No problem again. We can do it very easily again by virtue of the Jquery Mobile framework. To configure the placeholder text in the search input, use the data attribute "data-filter-placeholder" on your listview. By default the search box inherits its theme from its parent. The search box theme too can be configured using the data attribute "data-filter-theme" on your listview. So now you have a customized filterable listview.

    Following is a simple example of how the search works with the listview. Hope you have follow the example here. Do drop a comment in case you have any doubt or want to see something more in this post or on the blog in general.

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