On-click polyline

    Following up on the last example where we saw how to add a hard-coded polyline to our map, today we will see a more user interactive polyline example. In this example we will discuss on-click polyline! What you need to do is, copy the following code into a txt file and save it with dot html (.html) extension and then view it in your browser. So here goes the code!

    The output of the above code will be a map centred at Mysore. Click on the map for the first time and a marker will appear there. On the next click, another marker will appear with a polyline between the 2 markers. This will continue for all further clicks and here you have your "On-click polyline" running! The map looks something like seen in the image below!

    The next step to this code will be creating a polygon. We will see examples to create polygons on the map at a later stage! If you have any queries or suggestion, please drop a comment here or feel free to send me a mail.

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