Punjab cities to implement GIS...

            The Punjab government is all set to implement ultra modern GIS systems in 6 big cities of Punjab namely Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Patiala, Batinda and Pathakot to facilitate future planning, expansion and maintenance of civic infrastructure in these cities. The GIS will be implemented in these cities by October 31, 2011, which would be further implemented in other districts of the state.

            Complete information of these cities will be available on the GIS which should prove beneficial and helpful during the preparation of "Master Plans" of these cities in the future. The satellite images of these cities will be taken which would later on be developed to form a large database. The maps that will be generated would provide detailed information on roads and rail networking along with exact locations of bus stops and railway stations. The maps will also show detailed information on the commercial, industrial and residential areas of the city which would be helpful to reduce traffic congestion and major environment related problems.

           The GIS also aims to have the entire information about the residential and commercial buildings regarding the occupant population, type of building, etc. All the municipal records of the Municipal Corporation would also be made online resulting into submission of electricity, water supply, etc. bills under one roof.

            Way to go....

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