Where does Google have live traffic information?

    Where all can I see the real-time traffic data? This question has been asked a several hundred times by several hundred people on several hundred forums. Probably you too have had this question. Well, we now have an answer to it and a very good one.

A map displaying the availability of traffic data

    Click on the image above and you would be redirected to a map from Google which will show you all the places at which live traffic data is available. Hope you'll enjoy this and quenches your thirst to know more about the Google Real Time traffic data. If haven't already read from where Google gets it's traffic data, be sure to check out this earlier post.

    Do post any question you have about the Google Maps, and I will try and answer as many as I can. For the question which I won't be able to answer, there is always our dear friend Google =)

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