New & Social begining...

    Facebook - the fastest growing social network with more than 100K new users per day! With 50% of the registered users coming back to the site everyday, the site boasts to be the 6th most trafficked site in the U.S. With users sharing their photos, statuses, events and more, you have a social graph of connections through which people communicate and share. Facebook launched their API back in 2007 and provided developers with deep access to Facebook's millions of users. Facebook platform enables you to make your website more social and I will try and help you all by sharing simple and complex code snippets. So, after Google Maps API, its now time to dive into the social world of Facebook!

    What does this mean? Will I stop sharing code samples based on Google Maps API? NO...NO...NO...Not at all. I will continue to share code samples based on Google Maps API, as there is so much more that I have got to share with the community.

    Hope you all love the Facebook API examples coming your way and hope you readers will help me along the way with your continued support, encouragement, comments, and now likes too...:)


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