Weather Layer now available with Google Maps API

    Yes! We now have the Google's Weather Layer available to use with the Google Maps API v3. The weather layer was released on Google Maps website in August 2011with cloud imagery from the U.S. Naval Research Lab and weather forecast information from Since then developers across the globe have been waiting for this layer to be released for use with the Maps API. You can find about the weather layer on the Google Maps in the post I wrote in August last year.

    This weather layer has now been made available for use with the maps API through the weather library which basically consists of two classes: 'WeatherLayer' and 'CloudLayer'. The 'WeatherLayer' class displays the current weather conditions at various locations, as well as a forecast for the next four days when a user clicks on the icon at that particular location. The units for temperature (degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit) and wind speed (km/hr, miles/hr, m/sec) can also be configured just as it can be done on the Google Maps site. The 'CloudLayer' class displays satellite imagery of the cloud coverage.

    I will soon be putting up a few examples to display how this library can be used with the Google Maps API. Watch this space for some simple and complex examples using the Weather Layer.

    You can access other available sample codes here! Please leave a comment to share your views on the same!

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