You can't Google in Google

       Yes! You can't Google in Google, for Google or 'Googal' (as it is seen on Google Maps) is a sparsely populated village on the banks of river Krishna in the Raichur district about 510 km from Banglore - the IT hub of India. No wonder only a handful villagers know of their famous namesake in the cyberspace. You can seen "Googal" on the Google Maps.

Googal - Google Map link

        The story goes that 12th century saint poet Allama Prabhu stopped by in the village while traveling from Basava Kalyan to Shreeshailam in Andhra Pradesh. The cave he stayed in has been described as 'Gavi Gallu' (cave of stone). The village was since know as Gavi Gallu, which later became Googallu and now it is Google or Googal! There is a temple atop the underground caves now. Devotees crawl through a hole in the ground to enter the cave, which has an idol of Allama Prabhu and a small well.

         Another story that makes the rounds is that, the Helavas, who went around telling people about their ancestral history, say the village was named after rocks that seemed to sing. The name comes from 'Kooguva Kallu' (stones that make a pleasant sound when river water strikes them). The sound wasn't actually produced by river water but by people who wanted to communicate with villagers in far-off places.

        Now that Google has been spotted on the Google Maps, will there be any name copyright cases against Google Inc. or will people see at this as a mere simple coincidence? Should Google adopt this small village for e-development or something?

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