Playing with the map controls

    "All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy!". I also decided to play around with the Google Map APIs, so that we don't become dull! The following is a simple code which will show you how to control the map controls or basically the Google Map UI. So here goes the fun code...

    I don't think the above code needs much of an explanation. I will tell you what happens as a result of this code! When you move your mouse over the map, the map controls will become visible, as seen in the result above!

    When you will move your mouse out of the map, the Map Controls will disappear. The controls will reappear again once you move your mouse over the map and disappear again when you move your mouse out of the map! Keep going on, have fun...

    Hope you enjoy the code. Feel free to drop your comments, doubts, queries, suggestions!

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