Curious scenes in Google Map Satellite view...

            Most of you'll must have already seen many images like air crafts, brand logos, animals captured in the Google Satellite images or Google Earth for that matter. I am going to point out some that I found amazing...

Italy's Big Pink Bunny - Google Map Link

Australia's Blue Tree - Google Map Link

 Nevada's Desert Crop Circle - Google Map Link

 England's Dino Maze - Google Map Link

Oregon's Firefox Crop Circle - Google Map Link

             The above images are just a few of the many amazing Google Satellite images available on the web...Hope you enjoy them! Feel free to post links and images similar to these, here...

Update - March 15, 2012:

        I just came across the following freaky street view in Google Maps. I am sharing the image and the actual Google link here. You will need to enable the street view - i.e. drop the yellow pegman on the Google Map at the pointer location and then check out the sky! Let me know what you think - Ghost or what?

Ghost or what? - Google Map Link

      And for those who think that UFOs don't exists, check out this post here. You might want to change your mind after seeing this!

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