Where on Google Map was Osama bin Laden?

                It took years of intelligence gathering and months of following leads and planning an attack for the US to track down the world’s most wanted criminal – Osama bin Laden to a compound in the normally quite city of Abottabad in Pakistan. Since the night when US President Barack Obama announced the terrorist’s death, the Internet has been buzzing with attempts by people all around the globe to pin- point the exact location of the compound on a map.

                Bin Laden's compound had been pinned in multiple different locations on Google Maps and Google Earth by users of Google's Map Marker web app, in various spots across Abbottabad. However, none were accurate and exact. Thanks to photos and diagrams released by the U.S. Dept. of Defense on Monday, Osama bin Laden’s Hideout Compound is now embedded in Google Maps and Google Earth. Here is the map showing the hideout.

                The compound was allegedly built in 2005. Here’s a satellite photo of the same area, taken in 2001.

                The recent image of the same area is as seen here.

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