Web based GIS for polling booths in West Bengal...

         The election commission of India will install web-based GIS in West Bengal's polling booths to help the State Chief Electoral Officer track them on their web site. The system will provide a map showing the exact spatial location of all 51919 polling booths and nearby landmarks, with their latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates. Boundaries of the parliamentary and assembly constituencies of the booths, along with all the administrative boundaries will also be provided in the GIS-based map.

         The software will give a 360-degree view of the entire area falling within the 200-meter radius of each polling booth, including approach roads and nearby installations. It will show every detail of the polling station, such as the number of voters, number of polling and security personnel deployed, details about the current law and order situation and reports of past violence or disturbance in the area. While the maps will be accessible to all, classified information will be available only to the election commission officials.

         The commission is also trying to put up a picture of each of the polling booths along with the booth details for easy identification. Plans are also on to use the Google API so that the exact geographical positions of the polling booths can be seen directly on a satellite image rather than just a map.

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