Panoramia - Tag based search

    If you don't already know what Panoramia is, you can have a look at this link, to know more about Panoramia and a basic example. Today we will have a look at a more sophisticated example for Panoramia Layer in Google Maps API v3. In today's example we will search and display only those images on the map that have the tag that is being searched for.

    The example is very simple and all you need to do is copy the following code in an html and open it in your browser. Search for whatever you want to and if there are images that have the same tag, then those images will appear on the map.

    The output of the above code looks as it is seen in the result section above. Now you can enter your search parameter in the search box. I had entered "Fruits" and the output was as seen in the image below.

    You can have your own search parameter. Enjoy the Panoramia ride!

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