Now mosquitoes will be mapped...

         The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) will undertake a mapping of mosquitoes in Orissa, India using a Geographic Information System (GIS). The proposed GIS mapping of vectors is aimed at evolving a common strategy to fight all vector-borne diseases at one go. ICMR aims to complete the exercise before monsoon when mosquito breeding goes up. Once done for Orissa, similar exercises will be undertaken in other states as well. Besides RMRC, Vector Control Research Centre, Puducherry, and National Malaria Research Institute, Delhi, in collaboration with the Orissa state government will be a part of this exercise.

         While different vectors cause dengue, malaria, filaria and chikungunya, separate programmes are undertaken to control these diseases, resulting in duplication of efforts and resources. However, if all vectors of a particular location are known, one common programme can be designed for that area to kill all vectors. The mapping will help gradually shift from disease-specific to location-specific strategy depending on what kind of vectors are present in a particular area.

         After the mapping, the study will also come out with city and district-specific suggestions to control the disease causing vectors.

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