Overlays - A complex example

    In the last post we have seen what an overlay is and we have also seen a small simple overlay example as well. Today's example is a bit complex as compared to the last one, but is not at all difficult. We will directly jump to the code instead of having any more descriptions and stuff. So, here's the code.

    The output of the above code looks as seen in the result section above. You need to click on the map to place a marker on the map. You can place multiple markers on the map by clicking on the map multiple times. By clicking on the "Clear overlays" button all the markers on the map will disappear. By clicking on the "Show all overlays" button, all the cleared, but not deleted markers will reappear. Clicking on the "Delete overlays" buttons will remove all the markers permanently.

    If you have any doubts or queries regarding the code please leave a comment or drop me a mail.

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