Concluding GIS India news of 2010

Vietnam, India ink deal to develop GIS technologies:

          A delegation from the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology has signed deal with India for the deployment of GIS technologies. The GIS deal aims to spot areas vulnerable to droughts in service of agriculture and forestry and extracting substances from starfish in service of the pharmaceutical industry. To  know more visit the source of the news.

Shoreline maps of Gujarat and Puducherry released:
          Jairam Ramesh, Minister of State for Environment and Forests (I/C) launched the shoreline study maps of Gujarat and Puducherry. These maps are approved by the respective state governments. The coastline of India is undergoing changes due to various anthropogenic and natural interventions. Most of the shoreline chanes are on account of the structures which have been developed/ constructed along the foreshore of the country. Several of these developments are not compatible with the dynamic nature of the shoreline.

          The shoreline study was assigned to Institute of Ocean Management (IOM), Chennai. The maps for Orissa and Tamil Nadu are waiting for the state government's approval. These maps will be made available on the SICOM website. To  know more visit the source of the news.

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