Geodashing!?!? Sounds something similar to Geocaching right? Well, it is! Geodashing is very similar to Geocaching in the sense that people are searching for a particular spot with only a set of coordinates as their clue.

            Here's how it works. In each game, a large set of waypoints, called dashpoints, from all over the world is posted on the Web. Dashpoint locations are chosen at random by computer, with all the unpredictability that presents. Dashpoints might be in suburban neighborhoods or in the middle of wilderness areas. Then, the race is on to see who can reach the most dashpoints before the deadline.

            Geodashing players can participate as individuals or as teams of up to five players to increase the number of dashpoints reached. The competition is friendly and teamwork helps to get high scores, so put your online acquaintances to good use.

            Because the dashpoints are spread all over the world, it doesn't matter where you live. Dashpoints are as likely to be near to you as to anyone else. It's easy to start playing. Pick a dashpoint, visit it, report what you find. There is nothing to find at the waypoint. No box. No log book. No prizes...Getting there is all the fun.

            In short, the rules are simple.

  • Pick a dashpoint.
  • Visit it.
  • Report what you find.

              To know about the current dashpoints across the globe, please visit the Geodashing website! Please leave your comments if you have ever participated in such a geodashing game! Go, Get There...Getting there is all the fun!

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