National Symposium on Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics in Infrastructure Development and Management

            With the focus of the nation shifting towards infrastructure development, through national programs like JNRUM, IRDP, and the participation of private players in infrastructure development, it is projected that annual investments to the tune of Rs. 1,000 Billion will be made in the country across the next 5-7 years. The efficacy of Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing in Infrastructure planning, development and management is well recognized and promoted by the Department of Space and other governmental agencies. In this context, the National Symposium and ISRS Annual Convention is organized on the topic "GIS AND REMOTE SENSING IN INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT" from the 29th of November, 2010 to 4th December, 2010.

           The Symposium will expose the frontline developments in remote sensing and Geoinformatics to the infrastructural developers, enabling the latter to appreciate the cost-saving and accuracy enabled by the technology. It is expected that the Symposium will provide a forum for a direct interaction between the space scientists and Geoinformatics technologists on one side and infrastructure managers and administrators on the other.

           The Indian Society of Remote Sensing, Pune Chapter is hosting the ISRS Annual Convention for the second time after 1996.The Symposium venue is located at the hill station of Lonavala, known as the "Jewel of the Sahyadris" is famed for the scenic landscape, milky waterfalls, lush greenery and pleasant cool winds on the slopes of Sahyadri mountains, straddling the Mumbai-Pune highway; about 50km west of Pune. Various educational institutions, research and scientific organizations from government as well as private sector, namely, Sinhgad Educational Institutes, University of Pune - STP, C-DAC, CWPRS, NWA, Symbiosis institute of Geomatics and Kalyani group of companies are combinedly hosting the program.

           The theme of this symposium is the role of Geoinformatics and Remote sensing in Infrastructure development. The role of Geospatial technology in disaster management, natural resource management, environment and forest, archeology, etc. will also be discussed!

            For more details about the symposium please visit the ISRS Pune Chapter's website. It is really such a great thing that Pune is hosting such a huge Geoinformatics event!

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