Fusion Table - Heat Map Layer

    In continuation with the previous example on Fusion Table, we will have a look at another Fusion Table layer example. Today's point of discussion is heat map! What is a heat map? A heat map is geographical representation of data where the values taken by a variable in two-dimensional map are represented as colors. Higher the value of the variable, that place on the map would be represented with a deeper color.

    This example is very much similar to the previous one, just for one minor change! Let us have a look at the code.

    I have just used a readily available Google Fusion Table for this example. Any anomalies in the data is not my responsibility! Copy the above code in an html file and open it in your browser! You will see the fusion table heat map layer in action! The only change in this code from the previous one is that, the heatmap property of the fusion table layer is made true! The output of the above code looks as seen in the result section above!

    If you have any queries or doubts regarding the above code, please feel free to leave a comment! Till next time....Happy Mapping!

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