My first blog!

          "Why is it that there are no Goolge Maps API examples which show India specific data?"...This question kept bothering me all through my learning phase. I always thought why aren't there any examples that use a map which shows Indian locations.

Anybody who is new to Google Maps API application development would love to see a location that he knows of on the map! This is what I longed for all the way through and now have decided to put up simple examples and other supporting data for building customised simple Google Maps and all will show locations in India!

When starting something new, if one finds something familiar out there, then it gives a feeling of comfort! And this is what I will try to provide to all those out there who are facing a similar problem that I faced!

I am not an expert at Google Maps API, I am learning too...But, I will like to help out people along the way! So, all comments from the novice to the professionals are welcome!

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