Jquery Mobile 1.3.1 presentation

    We have been taking a look at several Jquery Mobile examples here and the the Jquery Mobile version that we were using was 1.2.0. The next stable version was 1.3.1 and included a few new features. I will be covering all the features of Jquery Mobile 1.3.1 in the presentation here and also other topics like:

  • Design constraints that we need to consider while developing our next mobile website or application
  • Different ways in which we can effectively debug our mobile website or web application from our desktop or using remote-debugging on the iOS and Android platforms.
    Take a look at the presentation below and you can redirect any queries to me here or tweet me @shreerangp or drop me a line on G+ +Shreerang Patwardhan. Hope you enjoy the presentation and also all the code samples that I have included as part of the presentation.

    The next stable release for Jquery Mobile would be 1.4.x. Once the Jquery Mobile team makes a release, I will put together a presentation that will talk about all the features of that version.

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