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New Year 2014 wishes

May every day of the new year glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your family.
Spatial Unlimited wishes all its readers a a very " Happy New Year "
Enjoy the Holiday Season...

Jquery Mobile 1.3.1 presentation

We have been taking a look at several Jquery Mobile examples here and the the Jquery Mobile version that we were using was 1.2.0. The next stable version was 1.3.1 and included a few new features. I will be covering all the features of Jquery Mobile 1.3.1 in the presentation here and also other topics like:

Design constraints that we need to consider while developing our next mobile website or applicationDifferent ways in which we can effectively debug our mobile website or web application from our desktop or using remote-debugging on the iOS and Android platforms.     Take a look at the presentation below and you can redirect any queries to me here or tweet me @shreerangp or drop me a line on G+ +Shreerang Patwardhan. Hope you enjoy the presentation and also all the code samples that I have included as part of the presentation.
    The next stable release for Jquery Mobile would be 1.4.x. Once the Jquery Mobile team makes a release, I will put together a presentation that will ta…