Jquery Mobile listview with custom icon

    This is the last post in the series of Jquery Mobile listviews before we move on to Jquery Mobile accordions (collapsibles) and then a series on form elements in Jquery Mobile. Today we will see how to add a custom made, third-party icon in listview instead of the standard icons provided by Jquery mobile.

    Wondering how to customize a list view, or adding a custom icon to a listview. Well there are 2 ways in which you can do this and we will see both.

    The easy way #1:
    Jquery Mobile provides the developers with creating a custom icon class something like a .ui-icon-custom and then adding data attribute data-icon="custom" to the list item. Let us take a look at the example that follows. This example would make things all the more clear.

    The difficult way #2 (My personal favourite):
    Now adding a custom icon to listview done in this way would help you explore how Jquery Mobile works or resolve some issues like "How to change the default "X" icon in the dialogs header" where you cannot use the easy way #1. Let's take a look at the example below and see how we can customize the listview.

    Hope you find this customization process important. I enjoy customizing the JQM defaults, challenges your mind! Hope you enjoy it too. Do let me know in case of any concerns regarding this post. Drop a comment in case you are facing any issues with customizing your Jquery mobile listviews; I would be happy to help!

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