Jquery Mobile - Numbered Listview

    Jquery Mobile Listview is probably the most popular component used in a lot of mobile web applications. The listview that is generally used is a ul-li structure. But Jquery Mobile allows the usage of the ol-li structure as well. The ol-li HTML structure will give the user a numbered listview. We will take a look at the following example to understand, how the numbered listview works.

    As you can see in the result above, every list gets a number before the the list title. The numbered listview is useful when presenting items that are in a sequence like search results or a movie queue.

    Hope you have followed this short tutorial and hope it helps you in your web application. In case, you have any doubt, comment or you come across any error, fell free to leave a comment and I will be happy to take a look at it. You can see a full list of Jquery Mobile examples here.

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