Jquery Mobile - Listview with data-inset property

    In the previous post we looked at a basic example of the jQuery Mobile listview. The listview in jQuery Mobile stretches 100% of the width with sharp edges and straight corners. If you wish to have rounded corners for your lists you need to make use of the data-inset="true" property.

    Lets take a look at the example below. The lists as seen in the result below have rounded corners as opposed to the straight edges in the example in the previous post, where we had not made use of the data-inset property. When we say that we did not use the data-inset property, we mean that the value of data-inset property is "false".

UPDATE: The following example makes use of the next stable version of Jquery Mobile 1.3.1

    Hope you have followed the post. Do let me know your feedback on the same and drop your commenets below.

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