First Google Enterprise Geospatial Summit 2011 India

            December 7, 2011 - I attended the first ever Google Enterprise Geospatial Summit 2011 held in New Delhi, India. I was so excited to attend this seminar as I work on the Google Maps API.

            Reached the venue - The Sheraton, New Delhi along with a colleague of mine from my work place.

The Venue - Sheraton, New Delhi

            The registration for the event took a long time though we had registered online. Pretty lousy work by the organizers, but the seminar that followed was worth the effort.

           Enjoying Snacks and Coffee before the start of the exciting evening...

            The participants were pouring in and the stage was set for a wonderful Mapping evening. The speakers had a lot in store for us.

            Mr. Pankaj - The Google Geospatial Head Asia, started of the proceedings with describing the Google's geospatial services and showed couple of exciting videos. Mr. Pankaj spoke for around 15-20 mins and then the mike was transferred to Mr. Sean Maday who had come all the way from Google, US.

            Mr. Sean (who's designation, I have forgotten) started off with the Google Maps Enterprise API and shared with the audience several lovely applications which had put the Google Maps to great use. He then concluded off the session with the Google Fusion Tables. We then broke off for snacks and tea for about 15 minutes.

My registration badge

            Then began the post tea session wherein Mr. Sean spoke about Google Earth, Google Earth Pro, Google Earth Builder, Google Earth Portable and Google Earth Enterprise Client. He shed light on some of the different features of each of these products. The presentations were really good and Mr. Sean is a really good speaker. 

           Then began the QA session, where Mr. Sean and Mr. Pankaj answered several questions raised by the audience.

            They also took several questions offline and Sean was more than happy to answer the several queries that we raised about Google Maps and Google Earth. It was great interacting with him.

           The presentations were followed by drinks and a sumptuous dinner and totally yummy deserts...

             And finally after the dinner, we left the Sheraton to reach our home and start mapping...!

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