Google Map within an image

    Hope you'll enjoyed the last post describing how two maps can be placed side-by-side on the same webpage! Most of you'll will enjoy today's code example too! All of you out there who work on Google Maps API, must have visited the API home page several times! You must have seen the map within the Google Nexus Phone frame there! It appears as though there is a map visible on the mobile screen! One of friend asked me the other day if I could implement that, and I did it and here is the code that I am sharing with you all!

    I have used an I-Pad frame and am displaying a map centered at India within it! Here is the code!

    The output of the above code is as seen in the result section above! The map that is appearing within the frame is not just an image but can be dragged like any other Google Map! Enjoy the code. It is very simple to understand!

    In case you have any queries regarding the same, feel free to leave a comment! You can also leave your feedback on the blog - it's look and feel, content, etc. Till then, happy mapping!

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