What do you do with Google Maps API...?

            By now we definitely know that Google Maps API stands out amongst other applications in creating interactive world maps. There are a couple of others which may be static, 2D or even 3D, etc, but Google maps have unique and distinctive features that make experienced webmasters prefer them over others.

            Besides, being a great way to locate and navigate to places, Google maps API also provides many area and length measurement functions. These APIs’ allow for the development of web applications like measure distances and land features online with the Google maps embedded in them.

            The Google Maps API has been considerably the most popular mapping API in the world. The Google Maps API delivers the standard interactive, easy-to-use features which are beneficial for your business. Google Maps API has made it easy for companies to include fully interactive Google Maps on their public and internal websites. The Maps API helps your customers and employees make the right business and purchasing decisions by visualizing important information on a familiar map.

            From the above information we can understand the ease of use imparted by the Google map APIs’.  In the examples discussed so far we have seen how to use the Google Maps API, but actually using it for your business purposes are two totally different aspects.

            We have all felt comfortable about the easy codes that can be developed and the sample applications which can be made with the API, but is it really so effortless to use it in some real time applications? I would appreciate if you all share some of your ideas as to how you'll have put the Google Maps API to use in real time or propose to put them to use in some application.

            Go ahead and post your innovative ideas here...Till then happy mapping!

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