Follow Your World!

         Google now offers you a simple application that informs you by email each time we update the satellite and aerial imagery in your area of interest. Follow Your World is a free service that allows you to enter the lat/long of a location along with your email address. Whenever any imagery is updated for that location, an email alert will be sent.

         Our surroundings are constantly changing, so it's no surprise that Google Earth and Google Maps users often request the most up-to-date satellite and aerial imagery. While Google can't necessarily update the world's imagery in real-time, they can let you know when they do update this imagery.

         In just three easy steps, you can add points such as your hometown, your college, or just about any place on the Earth.

Step 1. Find a location. Search for the area by entering the name of a country, state, city, or a specific address. You can also enter the exact latitude/longitude of the location. Click Search Location to submit your search.
Step 2. Drag the map to center the cross-hairs on the exact point that you would like to mark. Click Select Point to auto-generate the correct latitude and longitude.
Step 3. Enter a location or edit the name to track this point in your dashboard. Click Submit when all the info is correct.
Step 4. You'll receive an email to confirm your subscription.

           The "Follow Your World" home page looks as seen below.

          Whether you are an armchair geospatial enthusiast or you frequently use aerial imagery from Google Earth or Google Maps in your work, give this new application from Google a try!

          Enjoy your experience with Follow Your World!

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