A simple marker example

            Once you have set up your map as seen in the earlier post you can now place a marker at your point of interest on the map. A marker is a symbol that is used to point something interesting or important on the map! A marker can be overlayed on a map statically, dynamically i.e. when a user clicks on a map, a marker appears on the map. Markers can also be loaded from an XML file, a plain text file and also a CSV file. We will be seeing an example of each in the subsequent posts.

            Later on we will also see how to add an information window to the markers on the map! But that will be at a later stage. Let us have a look at the following code first which will add a marker at the Rajya Sabha, New Delhi.

           And here you are...You have placed a marker at your point of interest. The output will look as seen in the result section above. Feel free to change the point of interest and see a marker at a location of your choice. Happy mapping!

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