Multiple markers...

            It rarely happens that there is just one point of interest or just one location that you would like to mark! Generally there is a bunch of markers that appear on the map! Specifically, you want a list of latitude and longitude pairs representing the points of the markers you'll plot.

            To store the list of points, you can combine the power of Javascript's array and object constructs. An array stores a list of numbered entities. To access the elements of the array, you must use their numeric indices. So array[0] will point to the first element in the array while array[n] will point to the nth element in the array.

            I will use the following piece of Javascript code to demonstrate how multiple markers can be made to appear on a map using the array structure and the for loop for iteration.

            Nothing here should be much of a surprise! You can see that the google.maps.Marker function is called for each of the markers, so you can see two markers at two different locations on the map. The result above displays the output that is generated. Feel free to add your own locations and more number of markers on the map! Keep following for more examples and more information on GIS! Till next post, happy mapping!

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