Fedora Geo Spin

         It's here! An GIS oriented Operating System!...Currently under development with a target release as Fedora 15, Fedora Geo Spin is a collection of mapping tools that run on Fedora. This includes tools for map making, integration into OpenStreetMap, and components that can be run on a GPS enabled device.

         This spin will include map making tools that integrate with OpenStreetMap. This will enable map makers to use Fedora as a platform for cartography.The end goal is an ISO and kickstart that can be depolyed to work with most cartography setups.

         Integration with developer tools for developing other programs that work with GPS devices. This may lead to a developer subspin that integrates development libraries and tools including for GPS devices. This probably includes a group in comps for handling Geo related libraries and the development counterparts.

         This Geo spin can be integrated with MIDs and other devices that can be enabled with a GPS, to cater to hobbyists such as geocachers, as well as providing a fully open source GPS navigation solution.

         You can have a look at the actual contents of the spin with details about the packages and stuff at the Fedora wiki. Such an initiative from Fedora clearly goes to show that GIS is evolving day by day and there will be a day when GIS will be "the" domain to be in!

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