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ES6 101 - Map

ES6 101 - Map
ES6 Map is the topic of today’s post which also is the 11th in the ES6 101 Series. Map is going to be fairly easy, so before jumping into it, if you want to look at other features we have covered so far, here is a quick list for your reference.Fat Arrow FunctionsLexical Declarations - LetLexical Declarations - ConstSpread OPeratorTemplate LiteralRest OperatorDefault parametersDestructuringFor…ofSetNow let’s see what Map has to offer. As opposed to Set (which by the way, I highly recommend reading), Map saves values as key-value pair. Let’s see for ourselves how this works!Example of ES6 Mapvar dummyMap = newMap(); dummyMap.set("1"); // Method is set as against add in ES6 Setconsole.log(dummyMap); // [["1",null]] dummyMap.set("1", "one"); console.log(dummyMap); // [["1","one"]] dummyMap.set("2", "two").set("3","three"); console.log(dummyMap); // [["1","one&…

List item image marker - A cross browser solution

Styling the list item markers is required on so many instances. There are so many readily available list styles like - square, circle, lower-alpha, roman and many more. Even after having a wide range of list styles, we are often faced with the challenge of using a custom list style. This is when we tend to use an icon mage for the list items.

    With CSS adding a custom image icon for list style is easily possible using the following code.

    However, this is not as simple as it appears. The above code doesn't display the output in the same way in all the browsers. IE7 and Opera will display the image marker a little bit higher than Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Our dear QA friends, will pounce on this and log an issue. QA 1 up! Now what? The developers have to find a solution to this and most will end up with a dirty hack. To avoid this, and be 1 up on our QA friends, here is a cross browser solution that works!

    Hope this small b…