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Career Objectives / Interests:       

My objective is to take on challenging opportunities as a web developer with a business facing role focused on Javascript development using Responsive web design standards and mobile web development using mobile web frameworks like Jquery Mobile framework and Twitter Bootstrap. For any role undertaken, my aim is to fulfill its requirements and responsibilities efficiently and accurately in order to positively impact the organization.

Educational Qualifications:
Degree:           Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BE Computer)
Institution:       Pune University

Qualifications:  HSC
Institution:       Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, Pune

Work Experience:
  • I am currently working with GSPANN Technologies Inc., Gurgaon, Haryana since February 2014 as a Senior Software Engineer as part of the Mobility group. Working on various aspects of the mobile web and creating awesome front-end for hybrid apps is part of my daily work. Working on optimizing the performance for a hybrid app and exploring new frameworks for creating mobile apps and mobile web applications is what I do.
  • Employed with Cybage Software, Pune as a Senior Web Developer for a period of 1 year and 7 months since July 2012. I am working on the front-end of several web-based applications and websites using HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, JQuery and JQuery Mobile. Some of my recent projects here include:
o   OvationPayroll - An online payroll application targeted for desktops, smart-phones and tablets of all form-factors. Also included cross-browser implementation for all browsers for desktop and smart-phones, phablets and tablets.

o - Developed this mobile based e-commerce website based on the JQuery Mobile frame-work targeted for all versions of Android 2.3+, Windows 7+ and iOS3+ retina and non-retina smart-phones of all form-factors.

o   Marketware - Working on developing a Single Page Application (SPA) using the Durandal framwork and KnockoutJs in the Healtcare domain. Working with a team of 10 developers and leading the UI activities for the project creating HTML layouts for various form factor devices ranging from large-screens to mobile devices. Involved in integrating the layouts with Knockout bindings and hash based routing with the SPA.

o   I am one of the top contributors to the Jquery Mobile forum, where resolving issues and queries that fellow developers have, is a passion.
  • Employed with CentralDesktop as a Software Engineer for a brief period of 3.5 months from April 2012 to July 2012 and was working on a social collaboration product based on cloud platform - Social Bridge (Central Desktop). Currently exposed to several JavaScript frameworks like BackboneJS, UnderscoreJS, PHP template engine - Smarty.
  • Employed with RMS RiskManagement Solutions India, Noida as GIS Engineer for a period of 11 months from May 2011 to April 2012. I was responsible for working on the GIS components of several Catastrophe Risk Models like the Flood, Typhoon, Earthquake models. I worked on building an application using Open Source technologies like Geoserver and JavaScript libraries like OpenLayers and ExtJs to create a repository of geographical data - a map server to display geospatial data. I was also responsible for development of geospatial data for several catastrophic risk models. I also worked on various aspects on the Google Maps API to extract information that was previously unavailable to the organization.
  • Employed with DSKDigital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Pune, as Jr. Software Developer for a period of 7 months from November 2010 to May 2011. Worked on an ARM based device "Mobilis" which is the world's unique solar powered, handheld, integrated, application based device. I was responsible for independently developing several PHP and JavaScript applications including several Google Maps applications. Worked towards stabilizing the hardware and software of the product, which demanded rigorous RnD. The job demanded interaction with several clients and working along with the clients at the client-end. I have undertaken several field-trips, for training the end-users of Mobilis in handling the device, and using the applications required for particular projects. I have presented the device at exhibitions, to our clients and potential clients.
  • I am a blogger and maintain a blog titled "Spatial Unlimited". Through my blog I share several code samples based on Google Maps API v3 and JQuery Mobile that would shorten the learning curve of the readers following the blog. Apart from the code samples, I share the GIS news from India and some interesting articles based on Google Maps. The blog has over 400 followers and receives almost 300+ hits daily.

  • Worked on a GIS based project titled "Automated GIS Toolkit" at iWorkTechnologies, Pune during 2009- 10. During the span of this project I worked on several open source technologies like PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Geoserver, OpenLayers, GRASS and TIGER shapefiles. I had developed a shell script to automate the entire GIS process. This involved downloading TIGER shapefiles of a particular US state/county, converting them to sql files and uploading them to a PostgreSQL database after creating it at run-time. This was followed up by creating a Geoserver workspace and a datastore and publishing each shapefile as a layer. This shell script is an integral part of the core product development at iWorkTech.
Technical Skills:
Proficient in following technologies and programming languages.


        HTML / HTML5
        CSS / CSS3

        Jquery Mobile
        JavaScript - knockoutJS (MVVM framework)

        Shell/ bash scripting

        Google Maps API v3

Languages Known:

Curicular Activities:
(1) I am a honorary blood donor at KEM hospital, Pune.
(2) I also write a technological blog - "Spatial Unlimited".
(3) I am passionate about playing badminton and enjoy a game at anytime.
(4) I love watching and playing basket-ball.
(5) I sometimes play harmonica in my spare time.
(6) UFOlogy, star-gazing are some of my other interests.

(1) Played district level badminton tournaments, won inter-collegiate badminton tournaments.
(2) Won several awards in cultural competitions (elocution, plays, singing)
(3) Played district level basket-ball tournaments.

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