Monday, February 8, 2016

Looks do matter

    jQuery Mobile is great, offers great features! With the new and upcoming version of this mobile web framework, we will have access to more out-of-the-box widgets and some brilliant features coming our way! With hammer.js and PEP integrations round the corner, we will have more gesture support in the upcoming versions. With so much great features, developers are still hesitant on choosing this mobile framework for the sole reason that the UI doesn't look great! Well, this is true and the default UI does look a little out of date and does not match up to the latest UI trends! As a result of this, we will take a look at some of the most popular themes that you can use on your jQuery Mobile project.
  1. Material design theme - NativeDroid
  2. Link:
  3. Flat UI theme
  4. Link:
  5. Graphite theme
  6. Link:
  7. jQuery Mobile RTL theme
  8. Link:
  9. jQuery Mobile Bootstrap theme
  10. Link:
    Hope you enjoy this collection of jQuery Mobile themes and this resolves the bad UI problem of your jQuery Mobile project. Do not forget to suggest more such themes if you have used any on you projects!

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