Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jquery Mobile - Listview with count bubbles

    Today we will take a look at how to add count bubble for a list item. Jquery Mobile includes text formatting conventions for a list item with count bubble. The count bubble appears at the right end of the list item just before the right arrow icon, if it is a linked list item.

    Like any other feature in JQM, adding the count bubble is a pretty simple task. Wrap the value that you want to display in the count bubble, in an HTML element like div and add the class ui-li-count to it. Doing this will add a count bubble to your list item. Take a look at the example below which will help you understand the implementation better.

    Hope you have followed this example and have grasped the implementation. Drop a comment in case you have any doubt and need something to be explained better in this post. In case you want to check more jquery mobile examples you can find a complete list of code samples here.

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